Thursday, November 19, 2009

And a UFO that is finally a FO

I started this cuff sooooo long ago, but ran out of beads. As the beads were sent to me in error I had no clue as to what size they were. I finally bit the bullet and bought both size 10 and size 8 delicas so I could finish.
It turns out they are size 10 :)

I added a sparkly little button as a clasp.

And a couple more...

These two 3 drop peyote cuffs are yet to be named and still need clasps, however they are worthy of being shown.

I am finally beading up a storm again....

After a fairly long hiatus, I think I have my mojo back!
I have been having a great time using my collection of 1.5/1.8mm cubes. And of course the weave of choice is peyote. However I went a little nuts and did random 3 drop and here are the results.
I have called this red one The Temptress, she is sexy and sultry and would go perfectly with that Little Black Dress!