Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Favourite Piece

I made this cuff "Okeanos" without any planning whatsoever. I grabbed the cabs and the seedies and off I went.

I really love this cuff- the colours are soft and subtle, yet the piece makes a statement- well I think it does, anyway.

After I finished it, I went hunting for a name that would suit. It had to have soemthing to do with the ocean as I felt that the piece represented the ocean. I typed Ocean into Google and found "Okeanos" which is Greek for Ocean.
I entered this piece into my local show this year and it placed 3rd in the Woven Jewellery category. One of my other pieces took 1st.

Welcome to Lyndsay's Creative Journey

I have often thought about starting a blog, but never really got around to it. After recently seeing a fellow forum members blog, I thought "It's now or never" LOL.

My creative journey isn't just about beads, it's about everything creative that I do. Some of my creative exploits including quilting and scrapbooking. I also love taking photos- although they aren't artsy, they are just whatever is around at the time.

My creative journey is also about my battle with depression. I was recently diagnosed with depression, although I feel that it has been an issue for at least 2 years. My creativeness is an up and down journey just as my depression is and it is this journey that I share with you here.