Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No beads!

So I finally finished a canvas wallhanging that I started in January.... not bad, only 8 months!

There is not one bead on it (unless you are willing to count a bead of glue????), of which I should really be ashamed. You see I have about 8 beading projects on the go at the moment and I haven't touched any of them in ages.

I just don't know where to start.

Hubby (who is my biggest supporter) says "just start at the beginning....." Uhhmmm, the beginning of what? I know what he means though.

Anyway, I am off topic.

My house has completely boring white walls. So over Christmas I bought a bunch of canvases with the plan of painting them bright and colourfully so that they would brighten up these walls.

I did okay until I got to this brown one. The plan was chocolate brown gold and hints of deep red. These are the colours of our bedroom. Anyway- it didn't work. So I painted the whole canvas chocolate brown and left it.

During a declutter of all my yarns the other day, I came across these gorgeous brown ones and this is the result.